About Campfire Musician

A campfire musician may look like a regular person, but once the campfire is roaring, and once the stars are shining, they pounce into action. Have you ever sat around a campfire gathering and felt a little envious of those who just pick up a guitar and start jamming? Well here at the campfire musician, we aim to get you to that level!

We are a community of content creators and teachers with a few things in common. Mainly: a love for music, and a love for teaching music! If you want to learn to jam on the guitar, the piano, the banjo, the uke etc, but don’t aspire to be a professional, this is your hangout! 

We write product reviews, post tutorials to get you started today, and generally just have fun! Start reading our How to guides, browse some of our popular gear reviews, or head to our contact page, drop a comment and get in touch!

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