The 8 Best 88 Key Digital Pianos in 2020

Among those things you’ll see about this variety of 88 key digital pianos is it may be divided into a couple of different subcategories: home digital pianos and stage digital pianos.

If you would like to improve your technique fast and move to an acoustic piano, then you want a digital piano using an 88-key keyboard.

There’s always a compromise to be made between the sense, sound, and flexibility of a computer keyboard piano.

We will concentrate on feel/touch and examine some of the very best 88-key keyboard pianos using fully-weighted keys.

In the following guide, I have recorded eight full-size optional keyboards below to make sure you receive the best 88-key digital piano to suit your requirements.

Top 8 Best 88 Key Digital Pianos

1. Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Yamaha P71 permits you to sample high-end Yamaha attributes at a lower cost point.

The P71 cuts down on price by not adding a rack or a seat. It weighs about 25 pounds making it simple enough to carry around.

The Graded Hammer System that’s a Yamaha signature makes hitting that the weighted keys a whole lot simpler compared to other keyboards, even people preceding this price point, while still keeping the sense of playing an analog piano.

The bass will feel somewhat heavier than the treble so you’re going to have the ability to play a lot more feeling and depth.

Concerning clarity, the P71 seems a whole lot better than a more expensive version. The listeners use over average samples.

But, it may not be the finest weighted keyboard complete for serious recording functions.

Learning music theory and playing methods and figuring out that your function in a group is achievable using the P71. It only begins to drop off at a specialist setting.

The most important reason behind this can be that long-lived digital pianos have significantly more memory. This permits them to work with better samples to the voice.

Another reason is the wood does not really change based on how hard you press on the key, just the volume will. A seasoned musician would have the ability to distinguish the difference.

So far as connectivity is concerned, your choices are somewhat limited but still okay. You’ve got a typical stereo jack and a USB to the server on the rear panel.

In addition, you have a sustain pedal jack that may be utilized with an FC3 half an hour if you would like to change things up and add much more depth to your songs.

2. Korg Grandstage Digital Stage Piano 88 Key

The Korg Grandstage 88 is a major deal, very literally. It is big, heavy, and costly but what you get in return is just one of the very best weighted keyboards you’ll ever play.

Korg’s RH3 graded hammer action key-bed was designed in Japan with a small group of specialist craftsmen as well as the results are magnificent.

Korg made the Grandstage 88 to be the ultimate stage piano for serious actors.

The SGX-2 engine is phenomenal, particularly the 6 acoustic guitar voices.

In general, you will find 500 voices to pick from however, the most remarkable thing is how simple it’s to switch between them immediately.

The design of this Grandstage 88 was built with performance in mind with features such as a favorites element to immediately remember your most employed voices.

Even tweaking your audio is simple to accomplish while doing with no menu-diving using a dedicated EQ and effects segment.

Among the very best accessible controls is a committed dynamics knob that allows you to adjust various parameters of expressivity whilst playing.

Because this keyboard is on the bigger side it is well worth noting that it includes a slick-looking yet powerful stand that’s totally flexible.

3. Alesis Recital | 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano

Aimed in the novices’ market, this might not be the best 88 key keyboards for doing.

But, it is a superb practice keyboard which has semi-weighted keys.

Again, this may acquire new gamers used to the notion of keys without mistaking them.

It’s a maximum polyphony of both 128 and is very cost-effective.

In addition, I enjoy the headset jack, which lets you play without bothering others.

Despite getting 128 polyphony, it merely includes five voices.

You may adjust all of them to generate unique effects, but it is not flexible enough for a seasoned player.

It will offer USB and MIDI connectivity, also it is among the very portable choices in my listing.

You’re able to package six D cell batteries if you have to bring it to classes. Additionally, it has a power adapter for if you are playing in your home.

4. Roland Premium 88-key Digital Stage Piano

The Roland RD has ever been great keyboards for training or performance but this specific version, the RD-2000, is aimed towards use.

There are just two different sound engines for electric and acoustic impressions, the SuperNatural Piano engine as well as also the V-Piano engine.

In all honesty, this could have been a fantastic keyboard with only 1 sound engine such as previous models but also the dedication to getting the best possible tone out of electric and acoustic pianos shows.

Among the coolest features for live performance is the RD-2000 will work as a USB/MIDI interface.

Thus, it will completely integrate with your laptop/DAW installation on the platform allowing you to track synths from the notebook through the RD-2000’s chip with zero latency.

Additionally, it will come with eight controller knobs and eight sliders that are all LED lit for simple use on a dark point.

It’s possible to tweak and control numerous parameters of your tone/effects in real-time.

5. M-Audio Hammer 88 | Premium 88-Key Hammer-Action

A piano player’s digital piano, M-Audio’s 88 Hammer Piano is designed for you in mind. And, it includes an incredible quantity of software.

But the majority of the apps are better for its innovative digital piano player. However, M-Audio will comprise a three-month subscription to Skoove.

M-Audio’s 88 Hammer Piano has unparalleled flexibility and sound.

Furthermore, you are able to attach MIDI devices, delegate MIDI buttons, produce a great number of effects, and make multiple computer keyboard zones.

Consequently, if you’re a creative and cutting edge piano player, you want the 88 Hammer Piano.

6. Yamaha DGX-660 88 Weighted Keys Piano

The sheer selection of accessories that you get with this keyboard brought me into it. You obtain a furniture rack, stool, and sustain pedal, dust cap, and a headset as part of this bundle.

Additionally, it includes a DVD and a music book for beginners, along with headphones that you can use while playing with different individuals within the room.

Obviously, accessories do not mean much when the keyboard does not sound right. Fortunately, I do not think that is an issue with the DGX-660.

It features some fantastic samples which sound almost precisely the same as an acoustic guitar.

Yamaha has also assembled in its own “Scaled Graded Hammer” tech.

In practice, this usually means that the keys may tell the difference between mild, moderate, and heavy drives. Because of this, it may create 264 tones out of the 88 keys.

I also enjoy the choice to join the keyboard wirelessly into an iOS device. This assists with recording and makes it much easier to pull up notation when you are playing.

Additionally, it has a USB interface in case you don’t possess an iOS apparatus.

It will take a little breaking in, as the secrets are feeling stiff when you first begin playing with. The damper pedal lets the bundle down, as it seems a bit unnatural.

7. Yamaha CP88 88-Key Graded Hammer Action Stage Piano

This is a fascinating one, we have had vintage/traditional and contemporary, the Yamaha CP88 may be the very best mix of both.

Beginning with conventional, it includes the Organic Wood Graded Hammer Action method for ultimate expression.

This is where new and old meet in Yamaha’s Virtual Circuitry Modelling technology. It really accurately re-creates the noise and behavior of classic effects that transform your audio.

It is packed with 57 voices incomplete, a mixture of acoustic pianos, electric pianos, and synths.

There are a 3-band EQ and 23 add effects, two delay effects, and reverb. This is just another keyboard directed toward the actors.

This is a challenging option, it is another fantastic keyboard with excellent sounds and it seems very realistic.

Due to the actual wood keys, it is among the greatest hammer action keyboards in the marketplace.

8. Nektar (IMPACT LX88+)

For your digitally-minded individual, Nektar’s Effect LX88+ has all of it.

This USB MIDI controller is ideal for a songwriter, or anybody seeking to take their musicianship into another level.

For example, it includes a premium program package and many distinct MIDI choices.

Additionally, the eight hyper-sensitive backlit pads help your MIDI programming. Access each the Effect LX88+’s attributes with only a press of a button.

And of course, Nektar will also include their Bigwig 8-track digital sound workshop for media. You badly should try 1 today.


The keyboards on this listing are very high-quality 88-key keyboards when we point out a drawback it is simply because the competition is really rigid.

Individually, it is reasonable to say that every one of those instruments does feel sensible, it is just once you compare these to comparable excellent keyboards you may see subtle differences.

Some work great for performances, but others work much better as teaching tools. Deciding on the finest handheld keyboard has a great deal to do with exactly what you plan to play it.

You may discover that the computer keyboard that feels like an actual piano isn’t the one that feels best for you.

Consider your own requirements and budget, and then use my listing to generate the perfect choice for you.

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