16 Best Budget Chorus Pedal [2020 Reviews]

Chorus is among the most well-known effects for guitarists that want to bring a new dimension and coloration for their tone.

These pedals offer a wide and lush sound that’s spread throughout the stereo field.

Discovering the proper chorus pedal for you is dependent upon how you would like to utilize it, your finances, and just how much control you need from it.

Some chorus pedals maintain the controls easy and extend a fundamental impact.

Other pedals permit you to truly dig to the preferences and dial in the specific sound you are after.

The following are a few of the best chorus pedals out there.

As opposed to dividing them into digital or analog, the pedals beneath are sorted by cost.

Chorus Pedal under $50

1. Donner Tutti Love Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal

Tutti Love comes at a compact layout and features true bypass. It’s just 3 knobs on the port: the normal Level, Rate and Depth controls. The best thing about this pedal is the analogue character.

As a result of this characteristic, Tutti love provides quite a natural, warm tone.

The result it applies for your audio may be too dim for certain individuals, but it works fairly good with my glowing guitars.

In case you have little space in your own pedalboard and are seeking a reasonable pedal, then Tutti Love could be the one for you.

It’s likewise a fact that the dimensions the majority of us find attractive, maybe a drawback to many others, especially, gig-lovers.

Overall, this pedal does exactly what it’s supposed to superbly.

2. Behringer UC200 Ultimate Stereo Chorus Instrument Effects Pedal

BEHRINGER UC200 has shown to make among the most inexpensive pedals, that often have fairly good tone too.

Ultra Chorus isn’t quite as deep and lasting as more luxury pedals, but the noise it produces remains fairly excellent.

Concerning layout, this pedal is your backup of BOSS, appearing for its twin sister.

But, it’s extremely simple to use and allows you to adjust your audio with Depth, speed, Level and Tone knobs.

Though Ultra Chorus won’t change your own world, it does a fantastic job at acting considering the cost.

If you don’t expect a lot from this pedal, then it will certainly be an advantage for you.

3. JOYO JF-37 BUNDLE Acoustic Guitar Knob

Cash-strapped guitarists could just find this Chinese-made merchandise a pedal which they just can not resist.

With a real bypass design along with a heavy house home, this item is prepared to perform its job for extended studio sessions or for concert use.

It processes incoming audio working with a BBD chip built chorus outfit circuit, also it’s a durable footswitch that turns it on.

Additionally, it has depth and speed knobs which make it be corrected in line with the artist’s tastes.

To get a budget version, it works superbly, even though the way it changes tone and sound may not be acceptable for most people.

4. Danelectro D-5 Fab Chorus Effects Pedal

The Danelectro is a remarkably inexpensive device, and as this is lots of musician’s very first chorus pedal.

Danelectro FAB impacts are frequently accessible, and at below $20 a pop, they are really attractive components for starting musicians that can not afford to lose a lot of money on a single impact.

But while the device is cheap it’s also faulty. The most important difficulty with this pedal would be, such as with many cheap pots, is the effect’s parameters do not possess a much curve.

At low, to mid-levels, the result is quite subtle, with a dramatic rise in the previous 10th of the controllers’ movement.

The device also includes its own controls on the surface of the pedal instead of on the outside, which may make correcting the pedal on platform hard as they’re not readily observable.

5. Mooer Ensemble King Analog Chorus Micro Pedal

Ensemble King is a compact pedal, which will take tiny space in your barbell. Don’t let the size fool you, however.

It provides as much power and attributes as a normal-sized pedal could. It Includes Level, Depth and speed knobs.

Surprisingly, Level doesn’t control the loudness of the output signal, it only adjusts the quantity of chorus added to a sign.

Depth does just what the name suggests (controls the thickness of the sign ), whilst speed sets the rate of this result.

Furthermore, Ensemble King comes with a true bypass and doesn’t suck on your audio is switched off.

The tone it provides is very clean and vibrant. I’d say that this pedal is an excellent option if you’re trying to find a very small addition to a pedalboard.

Chorus Pedal under $100

1. Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Chorus Pedal

The Electro-Harmonix Small Clone is a strange pedal.

It frequently appears in greatest chorus pedal lists, nevertheless, it provides you less control than any other pedal on this listing.

With one enormous Speed knob along with a toggle swap for Depth, you are not likely to have the ability to fine-tune your chorus just as you need it.

For a few guitarists which may be favorable as it means not to consider. Flick the Depth change to what seems good to you and fix the Speed knob.

After all, among the hottest phaser pedals just has one knob (MXR Phase 90). If you prefer simple pedals, then this one may suit you.

This pedal is well-known for providing us with the sound we hear in Nirvana’s Come as You Are.

The below video proves that while the controllers are limited, it’s still possible to generate a great assortment of tones.

2. MXR M234 Analog Chorus Pedal

The MXR M234 supplies just what you’d expect in the analogue modulation pedal.

The chorus effect is lush and warm, and though the pedal is clearly going to affect your tone it’s still comparatively transparent.

The neat thing about the MXR M234 Analog Chorus is that along with the controls you would expect to see in the chorus pedal (flat, speed, thickness ) it also includes a low and hi-cut.

Both of these knobs are tone controls, cutting on high-end and low frequencies.

The MXR234 is, in fact, a bicycle that is durable, the advantages of which shouldn’t be understated.

If you wish to gig, and also you do not reside in a massive music city, your group will live or die according to your standing.

3. BOSS CE-5 Stereo Chorus Ensemble Guitar Pedal

This BOSS CE-5 pedal applies deep chorus for a sound signal without making it seem imitation and helpless.

It provides all of the control you want with easy knobs.

Impact Level adjusts the total amount of wetness added for your first sign; speed permits you to control the quantity of vibrato from the noise.

Depth simplifies the pitch of your sign, making unique tone. Filter is a combo of bass and treble controls, so which makes it much simpler to craft the ideal sound.

It goes without mentioning that BOSS CE-5 is lasting as hell and will last you through life.

If you’re interested in something easy but complete of control choices, this pedal will probably be an ideal match for you.

4. TC Electronic Corona Chorus Pedal

The TC Electronic Corona Pedal is a classic among old-school guitarists. It is among the very broadly known chorus pedals on the market.

It is accompanied by a genuine skip feature that provides you with that real touch.

Among those cool things about the Corona is its own TonePrint. This offers you immediate access to custom pedal alterations created by various artists.

What’s more, it contains three chorus kinds. These kinds have expansive tonal options that range from shimmers to overpowering swirls.

5. Dunlop M148 MXR Micro Chorus

The Dunlop M148 pedal will provide about 3 distinctly classic chorus tones (I will explain how this works in the “controllers” section below).

Each the sounds delivered onto this high quality, yet reasonably priced chorus pedal so lush and warm. Whilst I do not have this pedal as I did, I will jump at the chance to purchase one again.

The MXR pedals are famous for their build quality and that’s maintained within this chorus pedal.

The pretty much indestructible metallic chassis means that these can persist for a lengthy time. I understand some initial MXR pedals in the’70s which are still in very much working sequence.

Chorus Pedal under $200

1. Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato Guitar Effects Pedal

Walrus Audio is most likely one of the greatest boutique bike makers in the equipment industry. Their tails not only look incredible but function better than many too.

They feature analog electronics that offer a hot chorus effect.

There is also a few controls over the port that provides you with a brilliant performance, such as speed, thickness, and also lag.

Lag is a parameter that provides you with the capacity to change the waiting period to fine-tune your modulation.

The D-C-V knob, which stands for Dry-Chorus-Vibrato, combines the impact together with your dry tone.

Obviously, you can dial-in that cheesy 80s chorus noise or dial it back to find shimmering, contemporary audio.

The Julia chorus comes in either blue or red with a rugged and durable design that’s ideal for touring.

With its unparalleled noise, the Julia Analog is one of the best choices for boutique chorus pedals on the market.

2. MXR M134 Stereo Chorus

Now, let us return to Dunlop and its own MXR pedals. We’ve already discussed the grade of the new, so we can jump directly into the qualities and capacities of M134.

This pedal has two sets of knobs. The first one functions as a two-band EQ because it lets you alter the quantity of Bass and Treble on your audio.

Another one controls various facets of the chorus itself. With easy (Intensity, Width and Rate) knobs, you are able to tailor the effect for your own sound.

Some picky guitarists may not enjoy the basic controllers, but if you want my opinion, the most important issue is the way they function and they function well.

M134 Stereo Chorus provides clear, organic and organic noise which could be layered with different effects on your own chain.

3. BOSS CE-2W WAZA CRAFT Chorus Guitar Pedal

The CE-2W is an extremely versatile chorus pedal which provides a step apart from the sound concerning responsiveness, quality, and credibility.

The CE-2W just includes two control knobs, namely speed, and thickness, which means you might be forgiven for believing it is somewhat restricted concerning fine-tuning.

But this chorus pedal is acceptable for a broad array of playing styles and, together with the CE-1 style change, you can get the chorus impacts of the CE-2W’s predecessor.

The CE-2W is excellent for guitarists who need a classic chorus impact but do not enjoy spending a great deal of time on fine-tuning their pedals.

The pedal is simple to use, and you may easily and instantly switch between the CE-2W and CE-1 attributes, even as you’re on stage.

4. EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine V2 Super Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

The Sea Machine Chorus Pedal by EarthQuaker certainly looks magnificent.

Its title appears to its design using a trendy wave pattern which makes you consider this term “lush”. Talking of lush, this pedal produces that great tone that makes it basically sound.

What is intriguing about this pedal is it’s six knobs rather than the normal five.

A number of those exceptional knobs which you could tinker with would be the animate and measurement controllers.

Animation enables you to control the delay period. On the flip side, the measurement knob adjusts cognitive regeneration of your bicycle’s effects.

5. Other Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal

The Nautila pedal out of DigiTech delivers a mixture of chorus and flange effects.

This combo bicycle brings a good deal of significance to the table for all playing styles and scenarios.

The Nautila comes with a flexible chorus segment which is composed of eight chorus impacts and four flanger voices. Because of this, it’s acceptable for a vast selection of applications.

This pedal comes with an intriguing design and durable structure. It’s excellent for guitarists who do not mind spending some time experimenting with their own sound.

The Nautila isn’t quite as simplistic as, say, the Neo Clone, and you won’t have the ability to locate the ideal impact settings in a couple of minutes.

While the problem of utilizing the pedal might appear frustrating, it’s the additional advantage of giving you adequate sound customization possible.

6. Fender Bubbler Chorus Pedal

Fender started rolling out high-quality effects pedals, such as distortion, overdrive, reverb, and delay pedals.

Yet not one of them appears to compete with all the elite Bubbler Chorus circuit.

This analog chorus pedal comprises both slow and fast speeds that provide you complete control over speed and thickness.

The further wave toggle provides you with the capacity to select between sine and triangle waveforms also.

There’s a sensitivity controller that functions as an express purpose.

This offers you the capability to correct the speed of modulation based on how soft or hard you’re playing.

The same as the Seymour Duncan pedal we spoke about before, it’s a little “lively chorus.”

Beyond that, the pedal also includes stereo outputs, true bypass switching, and backlit LEDs that provide you with a sleek, professional appearance.

All this is boxed up in a sleek, aluminum-brushed blue pedal that feels comparable in quality to some new Fender amplifier.


If you’re like most guitar players, then you demand a chorus pedal that finds the best balance between usability and functionality.

One way or the other, chorus pedals played their role in shaping the music background and they did so by providing unique sounds.

Regardless of what you finally decide, just be aware that every one the pedals on our list had been selected due to their quality.

We have gathered all of the info that you want within this list to make an educated choice on which chorus pedal will probably work best for you personally.

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