Best Guitar Pedals Klon Clones Reviews in 2020

In recent years the Klon overdrive pedal has become one of the most notorious and sought after pedals on the market.

Due to demand, prices for these bad boys has shot up through the roof. How do we remedy that price, pedal clones of course!

Just like the Tube Screamer, there a lot of options when it comes to Klon clones, and a lot of them put a really great fight.

Out of the bunch however, a few really standout not only as great clones, but great pedals in their own right. So let’s take a look 3 of the best Klon clones you can buy, for a reasonable price that is.

List of Best Guitar Pedals Klon Clones Reviews

1. Electro-Harmonix Soul Food

One thing that I just love about pedals, besides great tone obviously, is the names designers pick.

Electro-Harmonix went with a name that honestly does a fair job of describing the sound while also making the player hungry.

Coming in at just under $80, it’s a great bargain for the quality of pedal you are getting.

The 9 volt powered pedal comes with a single footswitch and three knobs: Volume, treble, and drive.

The Soul Food provides extremely transparent overdriven tones while also having the ability to add an abundant amount of clean headroom.

This is the pedal that can really set your amp right at the point of breakup creating those creamy vintage style tones everyone’s after.

Throw in a selectable true bypass and you have a pedal that competes with best for a price that competes with the worse. Electro-Harmonix really hit it out of the park with this one.

2. Wampler Tumnus

Wampler pedals has been cranking out some of the best boutique offerings for quite some time now.

Their Plexi-Drive (and now Plexi-Drive deluxe) quickly became one of the best modern overdrives in its class.

So how does Brian Wampler’s Klon copy standup? Well, let’s just say it does more then just standup to the competition.

Similar to the Soul Food, the Tumnus has three knobs: Gain, level, and treble.

Staying in sync to the original Klon, Wampler’s Tumnus is not true bypass which not only allows for the classic tone to ring through, but also allows for you to use this pedal as a buffer in your chain.

Tone wise, this pedal exceeds as a tone shaper post drive sounds, and also as an added gain boost on top of an already dirty sound. You can really push the front end of your amp and get rocking with this baby.

3. J Rockett Audio Designs Archer

For many players, the J Rockett Audio Designs Archer is the closest you are going to get without forking out the big bucks for a true Klon.

Following suit, the Archer includes the standard three knob configuration: Output, gain, and treble.

Where the Archer really shines are with the tube compression type tones you get when either using it as a standalone overdrive pedal or a clean boost.

Similar in price range to the Wampler, I wouldn’t say the Archer is better necessarily, just different in certain circumstances.

Although tone is truly subjective and until you play these great pedals in person you really won’t be able to make a full opinion, I will at least try to give a sense of what to expect.

Personally, I feel the Wampler Tumnus works better in conjunction with other pedals and already dirty amp sound where as the Tumnus is better either alone or as a clean boost before hitting another pedal.

However, you want to look at it thought, both pedals create tones to die for.

My Advice

So there you have it, the three best Klon copy guitar pedals on the market. Having said that, there are a tremendous amount of Klon clones I have not tried or maybe have not even heard of.

There’s so many great manufacturers out there so the key is playing before you buy.

Hopefully this list helps narrow down the options a little bit and provides enough insight to point you in the right direction to picking a Klon copy.

If I had to pick out of the three, I would go for the Soul Food if I was tight on cash, and the Wampler if my budget wasn’t an issue.

I play my amp on the point of breakup as a clean sound, so the Tumnus is the perfect for my rig. So go play, and see what works for you!

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