Top 10 Best Intermediate Violin Reviews in 2020

Deciding on the most effective intermediate violins always begins by identifying the top brands. With many brands offering violins available on the current market, making a certain choice can be quite demanding.

This is our overview of the most effective intermediate violin. Violin is among the most common musical instruments which most men and women wish to learn.

Before investing your cash on a violin, it’s crucial that you become educated on various violin manufacturers, features, and budget.

I’ve listed our hottest and best intermediate violins for one to select out the very best one for you.

List of 10 Best Intermediate Violin Reviews

1. Stentor, 4-String Violin (1500 4/4)

If it comes to intermediate violins, the Stentor 4-String Violin brand is always a great alternative.

This brand has been in the business for nearly a hundred years so that you can rest certain of the high quality and endurance of this violin.

The Stentor violin supplies a whole lot of value for the money. With handmade rosewood, you’ll be seeing fine solid spruce together with solid maple sides and rear.

This specific version provides complete ebony fittings and an ebony fingerboard. The chinrest is constructed with a tricky term but the tailpiece is artificial.

Contemplating its economical cost, this violin is undoubtedly a fantastic thing. If it comes to audio quality, Stentor provides you with a balanced functionality.

When you set decent strings, then it can make a superb violin sound.

2. Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Ebony Fitted Violin

This is a complete size violin which is included with D’Addario Prelude Strings. What I enjoyed about the CVN 300 is that it also has all of the things we will need to generate great audio and play fine music.

The CVN 300 includes a lesson book that adds to its worth. We do not need to get a lesson publication individually, and I believe it’s a wonderful freebie.

All in all, the violin is a fantastic choice for intermediate violin since it’s full with attachments, like a difficult case, a Chromatic tuner, two Brazilwood bows using jewelled horsehair, an excess bridge plus a rosin cake.

3. Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flower Colored Ebony Fitted Solid Wood Violin

I personally enjoy the Kinglos 4/4 YZ1201 version Violin due to the gorgeous colour it comes from. It especially refreshes our soul and mind.

It’s certainly among the top Violins for Students, Intermediate and additionally for Professionals.

This Model of Violin supplies specifications of the maximum quality at the most inexpensive cost tag, that is most suitable for the majority of the customers.

Kinglos 4/4 YZ1201 is produced with the very best raw materials. It includes a Handcrafted solid spruce top, maple back and facet that offers stability to the entire body of the Violin.

Plus it includes an Ebony fingerboard, chinrest, pegs and tailpiece with 4 detachable nice tuners.

4. Scott Cao Violin Outfit 3/4 Size Model STV017

The Scott Cao 3/4 Violin is a highly-recommended version for the intermediate player looking for an update or even the dedicated beginner having a more flexible budget.

Instruments in the Scott Cao lineup are famous for their fine tone and superior workmanship.

This version is fully-carved using a hand-painted varnish. It has a spruce top with an ebony fingerboard, chin rest and pegs.

The tailpiece has nice tuners built-in, and also the violin includes Thomastik Dominant strings installed.

It’s one of Scott Cao’s best intermediate violins concerning sound quality, and also the audio simply enhances over time to coincide with near that of a high-quality full-size model.

It’s quite simple to play, particularly for adults with smaller hands which fight with 4/4 violins. The outfit includes a Brazilwood bow along with a carrying case.

5. Yamaha V3 Series Student Violin Outfit 4/4 Size

Yamaha provides a broad selection of musical instruments. Certainly, it is now a household name in the business that’s full of lots of musical instruments manufacturers.

It was instituted late in the 1800s under the name Nippon Gakki. Though it began with the manufacturing of pianos and reed tools, it’s since become creating different tools like violins.

Our best pick for this particular brand is V3 collection Student Violin Outfit. It’s produced from a solid superior woods.

Its chin rest, pegs and fingerboard are finished from ebony. This highly rated violin is made by hand to present an excellent finish. It sports tailpiece adjusters for simple tuning.

It’s surely ideal for beginners and intermediate students.

6. Antonio Giuliani Etude Clearance Violin

Antonio Giuliani is famed for producing excellent quality musical instruments at outstanding rates.

Insert this in with their lifetime guarantee, and also their 45-day money-back guarantee plus you are aware you could purchase one of the violins with complete assurance.

This version is very popular for intermediate students and is highly rated.

The attributes include an attractive acrylic end, fittings made of actual ebony plus a handmade base made from spruce and walnut.

The walnut is obviously aged, and the spruce is sourced in the Himalayas. This generates an extremely durable tool that will endure for several decades.

This outfit includes the scenario, a bow created out of Brazilwood, a shoulder break created by Portland Gold, a detachable tuner, plus a spare pair of D’Addario Prelude strings.

The bridge can be obtained with a German Teller or even French Aubert alternative. Each violin is closely inspected in the USA by seasoned Luthiers prior to being put up according to MENC standards.

7. Paititi PTVNSH300-3/4 Violin

Paititi PTVNSH300-3/4 Violin is largely suited to the Violin players that course is between Intermediate and Professionals.

These Violins may also be used for playing orchestral degree and it’s proving to have done very nicely with the pleasant and warm sound it produces.

The Paititi PTVNSH300 3/4 Violin is 100% handmade and oil varnished at the palms of the Experts of Violin manufacturers employing the very best quality Wood and viscous substances.

It comes with a Flamed Maple body that provides the Violins body with a smoky look that’s a great treat for the eyes and the violin includes a complete ebony fingerboard, pegs, chinrest and tailpiece with high-quality strings.

8. Johannes Kohr K500 Violin Outfit

Johannes Kohr violins are a few of the best intermediate tools from all over the world. The K500 violin version is a professionally crafted and readily comprehensible intermediate violin.

This version is a best-seller from the business probably because this hot violin is well known for its impressive tone.

It includes a flamed maple back with a hand-crafted and hand-varnished glossy red-brown body. Its sides are made from walnut with a solid spruce top and solid ebony fittings.

Along with its beautiful look, the noise from the lower strings is rich and dark while the higher tones are tender and sweet.

The Kohr K500 outfit has a Brazilwood natural horsehair bow, shaped hardshell case, rosin cake along with Dominant strings.

Even if updating to a more sophisticated violin, the K500 creates a very great tool to maintain as a backup.

9. Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin Outfit

The intermediate violin includes a French-made Aubert bridge using a walnut and walnut body. It’s lightly varnished to show the entire beauty of the timber.

In addition, it has a chinrest that takes on the plan of Stradivari violins.

The instance is of superior quality and contains a rigid foam inside. It sports four bow holders in addition to a hygrometer.

The strings are high-quality Prelude strings created from the USA. The bow consists of Brazilwood and high-quality hair.

The fingerboard is made of ebony, and the tailpiece is constructed from a composite to assist lighten it.

Tuning is readily accomplished, and setup is performed by professional luthiers in California based on MENC standards. It comes in four distinct sizes: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and total size.

10. Fiddlerman Soloist Violin Outfit

The Soloist is Fiddlerman’s highest degree violin, along with the workshop where it is fabricated has won many awards by the Violin Society of America.

The tool is set up as it’s tested, tuned and corrected by Fiddlerman. Professional violin players with years of expertise are impressed with all the Soloist, and several are even more happy with its cost considering its high quality and functionality.

The timber used to build the violin is aged for at least ten decades, and the device is produced out of a spruce top and flamed maple back.

It includes an ebony fingerboard and Hill-style fine mic because of the E series.


Every one of those choices we recorded above must prove to be a fantastic investment to get intermediate violins.

When compiling our list of high possibilities, we desired models that seemed as good as they looked. We went for versions that were professionally crafted and produced reliable results.

If you’re a professional player, you might choose to save up so you can purchase a good violin which could bring you great performance and decent music.

These are our best picks for the best violin manufacturers for intermediate players.

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