Top 7 Best MIDI Guitar Controllers (2020 Reviews & Guide)

If you remotely work with digital music, you’ve likely seen the standard MIDI controller.

This is a keyboard with some extra knobs or buttons on it. In addition, it offers sufficient control over software instruments and their sounds.

However, there are several other lesser-known types of controllers with a wider range of control and expression capabilities.

And they’re worth a look if you’re working with electronic music. MIDI guitars are one such alternative form of controller.

They provide a different form of interaction with music software. In addition, they shorten the learning curve for those already familiar with guitars.

A MIDI guitar usually comes with an audio converter, such as a specially designed pickup.

This takes the pitches played on standard guitar strings and converts them to MIDI data for synthesizers to interpret.

In addition, a MIDI guitar can be made up of rows of buttons on a guitar-like neck. This translates to the different strings and frets of a physical guitar.

The player plucks short strings on the body of the guitar controller that approximate the strings on a physical guitar.

Consequently, this helps the software determine which fretboard buttons to register and the notes to play.

List of 7 Best MIDI Guitar Controllers

1. You Rock Guitars YRG-1000 MIDI Guitar

This guitar is packed with features. Because It’s a digital guitar, it does not require pruning, it may be transposed at will, it can serve as a midi controller and has many distinctive features:

  1. Tap function – Basically turns the trunk of this guitar to some touch tool. I would compare this to some Warr guitar along with even a Chapman stick.
  2. Guitar/Synths – Instrument Soundbanks, plenty of sounds. I will return to this in a little.
  3. Tuning – Characteristics tunings such as DADGAD, Drop D, Open Chords and other tunings.
  4. You Rock Mode – lets you play the guitar with a single set scale. As an instance, if you put it into C major, it is only going to allow you to play with the notes from this scale. This is beneficial if you’re studying the scales around the neck and also is a fantastic feature.
  5. Music vs. Game Mode – fairly self-explanatory.

This guitar comes with backing tracks so that you can play with alone. Additionally, it has a 1/4-inch jack to the cable, USB, 3.5millimeter stereo in and out as well as midi pin connector.

2. Jamstik 7 Smart Guitar

Jamstik 7 is a go-anywhere, wireless, MIDI guitar controller bundled using interactive instruction programs for studying guitar.

Lightweight and comfortable, you can exercise anywhere as the control is battery powered and continues up to 72 hours.

Though a slice of technology, Jamstick delivers very real encounters and analog texture by utilizing real guitar strings.

And also a big plus, you do not have to tune. To begin playing you can connect it to a computer, smartphone or tablet on Bluetooth or wired link.

Tough, a wired connection is recommended since it provides greater quality.

Would you wish to showcase your abilities to your pals? Or simply exercise at a crowded location? It is possible to do both!

The audio comes from this device you’ve got it connected to through the cans you may join.

It is time to create the majority of your imagination and expand your own guitar skills together with the Jamstik7.

You can play with everything from strings to synths or some other tools using it with compatible programs and DAWs

3. Artiphon INSTRUMENT Adaptive Multi-Instrument MIDI

This MIDI guitar has a great deal to offer if you hear current buyers. It’s not difficult to transfer and supply a vast variety of possibilities for sound and music production.

It’s user-friendly but might require some getting used to if you’re utilized to the true instrument.

There are a couple of problems, chiefly the cost and the absence of an android program, but all this MIDI they believe that this is a good option.

There are a whole lot of great qualities to the Artiphon Instrument 1, but the greatest thing that sticks out to people is the capacity to tune individual devices and play them within their own way.

The expressiveness this provides makes this type of shoo-in for runner-up.

This could be great for your artist who travels a lot and wishes to maintain a tool close to them.

This could be ideal for day excursions as it’s a fantastic battery life so that they would not need to worry about running out of juice.

In the long run, this tool is a small hefty investment, which may deter some individuals, but if you’re trying to find a one of a kind tool that features lots of flexibility and reliability, then the Artiphon Instrument 1 is a fantastic option.

4. Casio Dg-20 Guitar Synth Midi Controller

Casio attempted to dabble to the MIDI control market couple of years ago and that is exactly what they came with.

This Casio MIDI guitar is really a fantastic product but back then, the market was not large or educated enough about audio production.

Even though the Casio DG-20 MIDI guitar is regarded as a classic now, don’t be fooled for a moment. This is only one of the greatest guitar midi controls around. Even for this day.

5. Jammy Guitar – App-Enabled Digital Travel Guitar – MIDI Controller

Jammy is a mobile and modular electronic guitar that packs real metallic guitar strings. Getting modular you can take it apart and easily fit it into your backpack.

The MIDI controller includes a high number of onboard guitar tones and effects emulating both electric and acoustic guitar sounds.

You may also automatically correct to a collection of guitar tuning with no doing anything.

Want to list your own session? No problem! You are able to record your tracks straight from the guitar and import them to your pc.

Coming using a 1/4-inch cable, a ⅛ -inch cable a headset jack, along with a USB-C you can join Jammy to virtually everything: a normal plug, audio port, MIDI apparatus or headphone set.

Speaking of relations, Jammy includes a companion program which lets you emulate a metronome, emulate effect pedals, alter tunings or play as well as numerous financing tracks.

Though very versatile it is the battery can last up to 5 hours but that’s sufficient even for a concert.

6. Yamaha Easy Teaching Guitar EZ-AG

The Yamaha EZ AG was initially promoted as an instrument to learn guitar but most music aficionados have utilized it using different music program.

So it’s unofficially employed as a MIDI guitar controller.

The guitar has six strings and twenty-five guitar sounds which are completely great. It seems like Folk Guitar, Classic Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Finger bass and a Lot More.

They all may be listened to while playing the guitar’s small speaker. You may even link it to some device to output the audio.

With a hand dab pad in the bridge and fret keys which may be performed without plucking, the control emulates a real guitar really excellent.

Strumming is quite responsive and permits you to acquire dependable chords.

It needs pruning so that it’s always ready to play and plug and make exquisite music. The digital CAPO can be convenient at that undertaking.

On account of this very low cost the standard of the MIDI controller isn’t superior but is ideal for a novice.

7. Suzuki, 49-Key Digital Sound Guitar

Latest testimonials from folks who have obtained this MIDI guitar rave about the audio quality and exceptional construct.

Even though there are a couple who’ve had difficulties with touch sensitivity when strumming.

In other words, they believe it is not sensitive in this respect. The other problem is with ergonomic and caliber of the tremolo function.

Despite this, recent buyers are still saying it’s a fantastic purchase.

The performance and flexibility of the MIDI guitar are what stand out most.

With its broad assortment of octaves along with the numerous rhythm designs, this guitar provides the very best spectrum of options available on the market.

This is good for anybody who has problems with joint or nerve damage and wants to play with their songs.

It’s also perfect for teaching chord development along with other musical methods, therefore a novice or young student might find a great deal from this tool.

Benefits of Guitar Controllers

The advantages of a guitar controller to a keyboard controller are clear. Guitar players will have little difficulty adjusting to this form of playing.

Moreover, the guitar controller provides unique forms of expression, unlike the best MIDI controller.

In addition, certain chord voicing, playing styles, etc., are easier to play on the guitar than they are on a keyboard.

Accordingly, this device opens up a new world of possibilities in the realm of digital music for guitar players.

Since many of these are keyboard skills, using a keyboard mean they will take a long time to learn.

Which is the Best MIDI Guitar for Me?

The answer depends on two factors: your experience with playing the guitar and the kind of use to which you want to put your new equipment.

If you’re a new guitar player, you may be better able to adapt to the MIDI functionality and layout of instruments like the YRG or Ztar more easily.

These instruments require a different touch than other models out there.

You just need to ensure you can differentiate between playing a MIDI guitar controller and a physical guitar.

This is because the techniques and habits learned on one may not transfer well to the other.

If you’re a more experienced guitar player, you may want to start out by looking at an instrument like the G10.

It gives you the experience that is closer to playing a physical guitar.

Again, you’ll need to adapt your playing style when working with this guitar controller.

However, with some practice, you’ll soon find yourself opening the doors to software synth and transcription options you’ve never had before.

MIDI Guitar Controllers in a nutshell

MIDI guitar controllers offer several benefits, including:

  • A decreased learning curve for experienced players
  • The opportunity to transfer guitar skills and knowledge to a synthesized environment, taking advantage of new sounds and opportunities for expression
  • Portability and relative ease of use
  • A wide range of options to control synthesizers from a single hardware device

Software instruments and MIDI controllers are not yet without drawbacks.

For instance, latency remains a serious issue for software synthesizers and DAWs, limiting the ability to trigger notes correctly and necessitating a different playing style in some cases.

However, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Consider the ability to carry an enormous array of sounds, effects, and instruments in a laptop’s synthesizers.

This is a huge improvement from the limited sounds and expressions of most physical instruments. And now, artists have started using these techniques in new and diverse ways.

A MIDI guitar controller is the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself. It breathes new life into digital music by offering thought-provoking instrument to access music through creativity.


Stop by your local music shops to see if they have any MIDI guitar controllers in stock.

And if you can, try your hands on a few model before buying, from that shop or from a friend who have one.

You’ll have a better idea of the kind of instrument you’re looking for. You will also be able to identify unique demands and the advantages of working with this kind of instrument.

No matter what you end up doing with your controller, you’ll find yourself experimenting with new ways of looking at music in a world whose idea of what constitutes music and musical instruments is constantly changing.

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