Top 13 Best Tremolo Pedals in 2020

Tremolo can turn into a plain guitar tone into something that immediately stands out. It may be used to provide a whole tune with an exceptional texture or it may be utilized as an impact you flip off and on.

Tremolo is the kind of effect where after you purchase a tremolo pedal, you locate it creeps in your own playing.

Locating the very best tremolo pedal to have that exceptional shape-shifting effect is not that simple. Trem guitar effects pedal maybe sort of confusing to compare since they have so many distinct alternatives.

If you are considering a tremolo pedal, but not sure which to pick, we are here to help. Let us explore a few of the very best tremolo pedals available on the current market, which means it’s possible to locate the perfect one to enhance your guitar playing experience.

List of 13 Best Tremolo Pedals

1. Electro-Harmonix Super Pulsar Stereo Tap Tremolo and Power Supply

The EHX Super Pulsar is really the most impressive tremolo pedal I have seen. It appears overwhelming when compared with the other tremolo pedals within this manual.

The number of knobs, knobs and jacks crammed into this pedal is insane. It is the kind of thing you’d expect to see out of a boutique bike business, yet I have not seen any boutique tremolo pedal come near this one.

In case tremolo is a significant part of your audio, it is well worth contemplating the Super Pulsar.

If you would like to have the ability to control each component of tremolo like the waveform shape, stage, rhythmic routines or perhaps dynamic controller with an expression pedal, then there is not any other pedal that provides you with this degree of control.

2. Keeley KDYNA Keeley DynaTrem Tremolo

This elegant, classic-looking pedal is definitely among the very best available on the market and a must-have for guitar pedal freaks.

The Four controller knobs and the change in the middle of these provide you with a wide collection of sound choices you may pick from.

The Depth control knob controls the thickness of the tremolo. Shape/Reverb controller knob is an intriguing one since it provides you with the options to restrain the tremolo waveform.

The speed knob controls the speed of the tremolo. The Level knob controls the output and may also offer a little excess drive when is put past twelve, exactly like a booster could do.

The Keeley DynaTrem is a topnotch tremolo effect pedal. With this pedal box, you’ve got many tremolo sound choices to pick from.

The Dynamic responsiveness is exactly what many of those gamers are searching for. The top quality and inventiveness spent within this pedal warrant the purchase price.

3. BOSS TR-2 Tremolo Guitar Pedal

The plan of the BOSS tremolo pedal indicates that it is difficult to break. It is a system that looks like the majority of BOSS products and also the caliber of its construct is large as usual, which means you could stomp on it as far as you desire.

If you’re searching for a simple yet effective pedal, then this is just one.

Concerning controls, items are easy too — you own a Rate knob that affects the rate of this effect plus a Depth knob which dictates how much the quantity drops once the result is triggered.

For this simple layout, there’s a great deal of range and also a fantastic tone quality within this tiny stompbox. It is as classic as it could get.

4. Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe Guitar Effects Pedal

Tremolo guitar effects definitely don’t get greater than Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe Guitar Effects Pedal.

The cause of this lies within its layout, performance and efficiency. This wonderful tremolo effects pedal is constructed from high-grade capacitors and resistors for exceptional sound quality and mechanic reaction.

It employs an entirely true bypass for successful performance and performance. Additionally, it has a battery link segment that runs on 9 volts of electricity.

It’s three sub-branches offering powerful faucet speed selection. This way it provides great effects for the own performance and reveals.

5. Electro-Harmonix Stereo Pulsar Tremolo Pedal

Our second tremolo pedal uses an extremely classic styling that is perfectly conducive to guitarists of varying ability levels.

Among the first things you may notice concerning the Electro-Harmonix pedal is that it is minuscule.

This little measuring is ideal to add a little streamlining to what could be quite a disorganized bicycle board.

As a vintage-style version, this gadget is constructed of die-cast aluminum. It makes this a fantastic tremolo pedal one of several of its peers in regards to overall durability.

Measure with this device as far as you need; it will return to get more.

Along with these attributes, this specific tremolo really includes two outputs so you can pan out of two different amplifiers.

This is a very great feature that’s made this darling of several tremolo pedal reviews.

If you would like to lessen the existence of the tremolo effect or enhance it to ensure your audio is a bit more punch, then that is the dial-up to utilize.

In other words, this specific dial controls just how much it is possible to hear the result.

6. Mooer Trelicopter Tremolo Pedal

This micro pedal packs it all into it is small chassis. You obtain your primary rate knob which controls the speed of this result.

You obtain your smaller thickness knob to control the seriousness.

A special feature here is the Bias knob, allowing you to dial in the quantity of coloration you like rather than constantly playing translucent.

You would think they would need to cut different amenities out because of the dimensions but no, there is still the LED indicator too.

Looking at this particular pedal, you could tell it is all business. It concentrates on being the best tremolo pedal it may be without attempting to extend out to add effects such as the more deluxe alternatives do.

7. Fulltone Custom Shop CS Supa-Trem2 Stereo Tremolo w/Tap Tempo Guitar Effects Pedal

Fulltone retains a reputation for creating old-school fashion effect guitar pedals which provide a great performance.

Fulltone Supa-Trem2 is just one of their brand’s most competent tremolo pedals currently on the market.

The Supa-Trem2 is a stereo tremolo pedal. It sports two types of inputs and outputs on the back and four control knobs: volume, speed, mixture, and phase correlation.

The phase correlation controller is the most outstanding quality of this pedal. It permits you to control the phasing of this noise.

Another remarkable characteristic of the pedal would be that the three-way switch, which will let you pick your favorite sinewave out of sine, warble, or even square.

The Fulltone Supa-Trem2 Stereo tremolo pedal is a wonderful piece of gear. The simple fact that it is a legitimate stereo which makes it even more amazing.

If you’re wanting to experiment with audio, shifting using the Supa-Trem2 will provide you with an unparalleled experience.

8. Seymour Duncan ShapeShifter Stere Tremolo Guitar Tremolo Effect Pedal

The Seymour Duncan pedals assert are the most feature-packed tremolo pedal in life. And while I am not sure I’d say that, I would concede the Shape Shifter is among the more flexible and complete tremolo pedals out there.

To begin with, the device is stereo using two inches and outs, which let you stage the sign back and forth from 0 to 180 degrees by means of a stage knob that sits at the center of the pedal.

What’s more, you have a waveform and diameter knob which sit over the conventional depth and rate controllers. The only significant drawback is the absence of external volume control.

9. Diamond Pedals Tremolo

This tremolo pedal is definitely among the best pedals on the market. The circuit is completely analogue, making the gorgeous, classic tremolo sound many people want.

It comprises a microprocessor for contemporary flexibility, but that doesn’t affect the analogue audio at all.

The Mode knob is the thing that makes this pedal exceptional. It’s pretty much all of the manners the other tremolo pedals have also something called “Chaotic style” that is essentially a manner, which will go through all of the rates and wave kinds randomly.

The Diamond Tremolo pedal is a fantastic analogue pedal which will satisfy all of the wants for tremolo one player might have.

It’s classic analogue and sounding, but it is contemporary in precisely the exact same moment.

10. Supro 1310 Analog Harmonic Tremolo Pedal

This brand new version from Supro provides the audio of a traditional Fender harmonic tremolo in the’60s.

There are not many features built into the pedal, but the quality of the audio is the 1 thing that the producers focused on.

Additionally, it utilizes Amplitude tremolo circuitry that’s made to replicate the initial sound of their Supro amps.

As a result of this circuitry, you get two distinct sounds — one which looks like a’60s style harmonic tremolo plus a different one that’s comparable to this Supro amp’s tone.

It is possible to switch between both of these kinds of tremolos with the switch on the pedal.

Both these tremolos are controlled with regular knobs for Rate, Depth, and Gain. You could even put in an external expression pedal to get more control over the Speed.

The excellent circuitry and lasting situation make this a fantastic selection for a long time to come.

11. JOYO JF-09 Tremolo Guitar Pedals

The Joyo JF-09 Tremolo Guitar Pedal is just another excellent, compact pedal that’s ideal for saving a little bit of space on a little pedalboard.

This device only has two dials; one is for strength and another for the speed. It does not make this type of pedal that lacks in performance; nonetheless, as you’ll find, you still have an immense quantity of customization once you operate your tones.

The gadget is yellowish with a bulldog onto it, making it an incredibly visually identifying tremolo pedal.

The footswitch itself is quite responsive and hardy so you won’t need to fret too much about damaging it if you are playing a gig.

It’s also slightly larger than a lot of the button-style footswitches of other rival solutions.

Among the most useful characteristics of this specific device is its own indicator light that will help you correctly get a notion of the speed of the tremolo effect.

You fix the speed and level of the impact with the 2 dials, and you’ll be able to monitor it with all the indicator lighting.

12. BEHRINGER UT300 Guitar Pedal

Behringer is credited with producing some of the most economical yet functional guitar pedals available on the market – and also the Behringer Orange UT300 is no exclusion.

The UT300 was made to provide the classic, hot, and vexing tremolo effects of vintage 1960s amp in a fraction of the price of luxury tremolo pedals.

The UT300 was made to replicate the classic tremolo effect the 1960s amplifier generated.

If you would like to acquire the wonderful hyperlink Wray-style, spaghetti-western tones, then the UT300 will be a perfect investment for you.

The pedal includes lots of control knobs, such as thickness, speed, and tide.

These controls enable you to pick your desired tones efficiently. What is more, the pedal comes with a true bypass footswitch that keeps the character of the dry signal.

If you are usually on the move, this is sometimes an ideal pedal for you. It’s lightweight and compact, and therefore very mobile.

The Behringer UT300 is among the most inexpensive tremolo pedals currently on the market. Its simple layout and streamlined audio make it a perfect pick for the on-the-go guitarist searching for a few classic tones throughout their live performance.

13. Voodoo Lab Tremolo

The Voodoo Lab Tremolo is well sounding tremolo pedal, constructed in a tough metal case with high-quality circuitry components inside and good graphic design in addition to that.

The actual antique lamp is creating the pedal seem very appealing.

The circuitry is constructed with exactly the exact same photocell and lamp assemblage many classic guitar amps have been constructed with, which provides the pedal which warm, classic sound.

This pedal is relatively cheap, and lots of consumers are satisfied both with the quality of the sound and the cost also.

In general, this is a pleasant-sounding and good-looking cheap pedal using simple and simple to use controllers, constructed in a really stiff situation.

The business offers five-year guaranty that’s great because a few players reported having problems with the pedal.


There’s a broad choice of tremolo pedals on the current market, designed to match the requirements and budgets of various guitarists.

Whether you’re just getting started at the world of tremolos or you’re a veteran, you may always find something which’s ideal for you.

Just make sure you concentrate on the core impact and center tone produced rather than over much about the extras.

Each of the aforementioned has a gorgeous core tone and that is why they made it on our record of their greatest tremolo pedals.

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