17 Best Violin Cases (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

To be able to safeguard your violin out of any significant harm, you are going to want to obtain high quality and durable violin case.

But, getting the ideal violin instances from the current market is generally not that simple.

Remember as you hunt for the violin case which you ought to find one that reflects you because your violin case is going to be the initial impression anybody has of you when you’re lugging your situation around.

You’ll also have to discover a violin case that suits the dimensions of your violin. Before you begin hunting, be sure to understand how large your violin is.

Below we’ve assessed the 15 best violin case so you can guard your violin using the maximum quality instance.

List of 15 Best Violin Case Reviews

1. Bam France 2002XL Contoured Hightech Tweed-Look 4/4 Violin Case

The Bam France 2002XL violin instance is that the sturdiest violin situation by far. It’s very lightweight and durable making it good for transporting your violin back and forth from college or on a plane.

The case also includes shoulder straps so you can carry the violin readily in your back. BAM violin instances are famous to be very durable so that you can trust your violin will be well-protected.

The only downside to this violin instance is the cost. This violin instance runs a bit more costly compared to most other violin instances, but the top quality production is well worth it.

You do not need to wind up with a busted violin as you dropped the situation too hard.

2. ADM 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case

Kicking off our list is your ADM Super-Light Violin Hard Case. It’s an outer cover cloth that’s constructed from lightweight waterproof Nylon Oxford raincoat.

Its inside is constructed from a soft velvet-like substance that could stop your violin from being scraped.

The situation itself includes considerable storage that can save accessories and sheet music, amongst others.

Getting lightweight, you can take it easily and easily. The existence of suspension cushions keeps the violin suspended and based.

3. Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case

The Protec MX044 Violin Case is developed to provide long-lasting, quality security. It’s a framework designed with a lightweight shock-absorbing foam.

Additionally, its outer coating is made out of tough 600D nylon. What’s more, it includes all the needed attributes to safeguard your violin from abrasion and intense weather.

In addition, for simple carriage, it sports a handle layout that’s dual-corded using a gentle wrap.

In addition, it includes a shoulder strap it is easy to correct at your own convenience. Besides its well laid out design, the inside has a lot of excitement to offer you.

What’s more, the interior includes a soft liner with suspension straps to keep your violin set up.

Ultimately, there are tons of compartments both out and in, to home many accessories and other personal effects.

4. Aileen Violin Hard Case 4/4 Full Size Luxury

The Aileen hard piano case includes sufficient room to carry the violin, two bows, a shoulder rest along with the necessary accessories required.

The violin case comes in 3 colors which include: black, white, black and blue polyethylene.

There’s a hygrometer that’s utilized to track the moisture level inside the circumstance.

This helps keep your violin dry, which will help to make a very clear and sharp sound when required.

The violin, based on the colour ranges in pricing from less than eighty-nine bucks to one hundred dollars.

It includes a 4.2-star inspection rating from 5-star review evaluation from customers.

5. Featherweight C-3960 Deluxe Violin Case

Since the lightest violin case with this listing, coming at just 3 lbs, the Featherweight is unquestionably worthy of its title.

Despite being extremely mild, this violin situation has lots of protection.

The outside walls have been surrounded with sturdy foam using wooden framework reinforcements for additional reinforcement.

The heavy-duty ballistic nylon exterior cover provides another degree of security and produces a watertight coating.

6. Paititi PTVNQF28 4/4 Violin Hard Case

The Paititi PTVNQF28 Lightweight Violin Hard Case is an expert violin case with desired characteristics which make it lasting and lightweight.

It is composed of exterior and interior accessory pockets, adjustable shoulder straps, and also four bow holders.

It’s suspension cushions that maintain the violin based, minimizing the effect on the violin.

The violin also includes hygrometer, a sheet music pocket, and powerful zippers. This case includes a matching blanket.

7. Crossrock CRA400VFSL 4/4 Full Size Violin Case

The Crossrock CRA400VFSL 4/4 Violin Case includes a trendy, robot outside layout. Its inside is made from a hard foam centre with a rather soft liner.

Furthermore, this combines nicely with the half-suspension layout to offer maximum protection to your violin.

Additionally, the backpack design will allow one to travel without leaving your musical buddy behind.

Additionally, for the safety of this violin, it’s a flawless combination lock closure system set up.

It sports an extremely large compartment collectively. In addition to this, it also includes a lid and 2 bow holders. As a consequence, you can pack all essential accessories in this situation without anxiety.

In general, you are able to really trust this situation on anti-scratch, affordability, and maximum security.

8. Baker Street BK-4030 Luxury Violin Case

This violin case includes a silk-like tote for your violin, two-toned well-padded velour inside that helps you to keep out moisture and a warm blanket for wrap the violin. Nylon zipper using a key and adjustable shoulder straps.

This case delivers a hygrometer, which can be utilized to track the moisture from the violin case, a thermometer and is spacious enough for 4 bows.

It’s a 3.7-star inspection rating from 5 stars and comes at a cost of just under two hundred bucks. For the cost, this is most likely among the best options for wealth.

9. SKY 4/4 Full Size Professional Oblong Shape Lighweight Violin Hard Case

A lavish piano case which will utilize any complete size violin. The stunning interior which includes two bow holders, a large accessory pocket, and a hygrometer.

Also has a large sheet music pocket and backpack straps.The case includes a matching blanket and 2 bow holders.

Characteristics hygrometer, big music sheet pocket in addition to this circumstance. Big size storage compartments such as rosin, shoulder rest, shoulder straps and much more.

Hand carry grips (top or side) and shoulder straps are provided, additional D-ring for backpack choice, deluxe latch and powerful grip.

10. Yinfente 4/4 New violin Case

The Yinfente Light Violin Case is a violin case which has a carbon-fibre structure. It’s an oblong layout, making sure you might keep accessories.

As a matter of fact, the backpack may match a music sheet tote and 2 bows. Additionally, it has a hygrometer setup along with a high-quality back strap. Its thick and soft cushioning secures your violin nicely.

11. D’Luca CP04M-BKBU Double Violin Case

The D’Luca Double Violin Case provides you more than meets the eye! It is black-burgundy colour sure is tricky, but it provides you marginally more than pleasant looks and fantastic layout: it’s a double violin case!

In case you’ve got just two violins, this is a great case for you, as it is possible to take both of them simultaneously without having another case.

Regardless of this attribute, the D’Luca Dual is lightweight and allows for simple carriage.

This violin case does not look too bigger on the exterior. At measurements of 36 x 12 x 8 inches, it’s been slightly altered to match two tools without compromising on being a compact violin instance.

It’s also appealing and handmade from high-quality luxury materials to give you an outstanding all in 1 case.

In this shell is hygrometer that shows you if the humidity levels are becoming low or high in the box.

This makes it possible to understand when to eliminate your violins for temporary humidity fall, also it’s safe to leave them in their case.

12. 1SKB244 Violin Full size / 14″ Viola Deluxe Case

This thing comes in three distinct sizes to perfectly fit the dimensions of your violin or Viola.

The case was made to safely hold lots of models and sizes of violins while completely procuring them and shielding them on the interior.

It includes a D-string to get a strap so that you may wear it on your shoulders. The inside storage compartment is spacious and assists you securely save your violin along with all essential accessories. It even includes a distinctive inside pocket to hold 2 bows.

The outside shell is reinforced using backplates to guarantee maximum security against weather, shocks or mishaps.

This way you can know your own violin remains intact and secure, whatever the outdoor conditions.

This violin case is ideal for beginners who would like a more protective instance than a tasteful and elegant one made from luxurious materials.

13. Crossrock Violin Fiberglass Case

The Crossrock Violin includes a hardened fibreglass outer casing. This ceramic is reinforced plastic with a particular glass fibre that’s finely done to supply you with a black, smooth and glistening look. It’s also lightweight (8 lbs) for ease of carriage.

Besides its amazing looking shell-like outside, the interior is lined with high-quality velvet and contains jolt suspensions fitted for supreme violin security.

It has two handles: a Crossrock leather deal in the side and grabs handle on the surface. In addition, it can be strapped to back you in the event that you’d like it like that.

It utilizes two bow holders to maintain the situation locked and also has a secret for security on among those holders.

This casing is a superb thing for the violin since it merely looks fantastic and is guaranteed to provide your violin with the much-needed security it deserves!

14. Sky PTVNCW01 Premium 4/4 Full Size Oblong Violin Case

This lavish item is constructed from waterproof faux leather of high quality and includes an oblong design for optimum comfort, durability, and security.

The rough structure remains lightweight and will last you several years from now on while shielding your violin along with all accessories.

The sturdy structure on the exterior includes a soft and luxurious velvet lining on the interior, in addition to a neck restraint, and a tailpiece shield to keep your violin stable and ensure a tight fit.

The inside also includes two large-sized storage compartments to the shoulder rest and rosin, while the outside layout includes two shoulder straps for convenient and easy transport.

This gorgeous violin case is what you desire if you would like to carry your device in fashion whilst at the same time maintaining its 100% safe and sound.

As a result of this sturdy and waterproof construction on the exterior, the situation will have the ability to absorb extra moisture and shocks, so keeping your violin tender and ready to play with.

15. BAM France – Hightech Oblong Violin Case

Another BAM violin instance, the 2001XL includes a rectangular layout so that you have space for four bows rather than 2.

It’s a black carbon outside that’s made from three layers: AIREX, ABS, and PVC, so you may make certain your violin is going to be safeguarded if in a plane, college bus, or subway.

Excelling in fascinating and innovative case design, Bam France makes lightweight, streamlined, foam-padded instances to fit your unique needs.

The Bam Hightech 2010XL 4/4 Violin Case with Black Carbon Exterior gives the ultimate is lightweight portability whilst featuring one of the best violin security available.

16. Bobelock Featherlite 1003 Oblong Black/Blue 4/4 Violin Case

If the overall safety of your violin is your biggest concern, we highly recommend Bobelock’s Lightweight violin case.

Its sturdy design offers plenty of protection while being light and not compromising any aesthetic elements.

Despite it looking massive with the dimensions of 31.5 x 12.5 x 7 inches, it’s very spacious. This will enable you to fit in all of your necessary violin accessories.

The violin case weighs 5 lbs, which you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at it. The interior is made of tight velour with suspension made of Styrofoam, fiberboard, and plywood, covered with dark blue-colored material.

It comes with: four bow holders, a string tube, a large accessory pocket, a Velcro neck restraint, a tail-block sponge and a blanket.

Even after all of these components, we had additional space for a piece of rosin, a hygrometer, and shoulder straps.

The downside to this violin case is that it doesn’t come with basic accessories, like a hydrometer, humidistat, or even shoulder straps.

The case is perfect for active carriage without having to worry about your violin’s safety. All things considered, the great balance between the size, sturdiness, security, and price makes this the best violin case in our review.

17. Bam Stylus 5001S 4/4 Violin Case

This violin case is spacious, strong and durable. Although it’s similar to the Bobelock Featherlike 1003 violin case, it’s a little heavier.

The interior is lined with soft silver plush and has a strong foam suspension which will keep your violin safe and in place.

It comes with two bow holders, a space for shoulder rest, and an accessory bag. The exterior consists of a black fabric cover with 2 big Bam backpack shoulder straps and a large hand.

A lock is also provided for better protection. This violin case is fortified with plywood and ABS material so it’s solid and highly durable.

With this many high-quality features, this violin case is a great choice that offers great value for money, and definitely deserves a spot in this review. However, some might find it to be too big, because of its size and weight.

What should I look for in a Violin Case?


The lifespan of a violin depends on the durability of its violin case. If its durability is poor, the violin case will wear down and deteriorate very easily.

Earlier on, violin cases were made of high-quality durable wood and this provided them with a longer lifespan.

Unfortunately, in comparison to contemporary violin cases, those types of cases were much heavier. Nowadays, violin cases are made of high-tech composite materials, or by using the combination of high-tech composite materials and wood.

Violin cases come in different shapes and sizes. This depends on the quantity of additional space within the case.

For example, you might find a violin case that can fit up to 3 violins along with their accessories. You might also find violin cases that are made only for a violin, its bow, and music sheets.


It protects your violin from scratches, damage, breaking and keeps everything together within the violin case.

Without the appropriate suspension, certain elements within the violin case (for example rosin or a hygrometer) could potentially damage the violin and its components.

  • The water-resistance of a violin case is a huge plus. Not all of them are water-resistant. However, if you’re able to find one, we highly recommend it, especially in places where rainfall is common. You’ll be able to carry your violin anywhere knowing that it’s safe and dry within the violin case.
  • Humidity can be a huge issue. It can damage the violin’s wood and lacquer, bow, and strings. Certain violin cases come with a hygrometer which enables you to keep track of the humidity within the violin case. However, most don’t come with one, so you’d have to buy it separately.
  • The construction of a violin case refers to all the small movable elements within the case that have to function properly and prevent potential harm from happening to not only the case itself but also your violin. For example, if the handle of your violin case is not strong enough, it could break. Under those circumstances, you could drop your violin and as result damage it. Each component of the construction of a violin case must be in its designated place and must function properly, in order to prevent accidents from happening.

The Exterior

Unlike earlier mutually identical violin cases, today you can find a wide range of them based on their exterior. Whether you want a classical or modern design, fabric or wood, monochromatic or patterned, you can choose according to your taste.


As a violin player, you ought to understand how to inspect through our listing of the best violin cases.

Since every one of those violin cases has distinct advantages and drawbacks, the final decision would rest entirely on your tastes.

In the end, the selection of the situation will certainly, albeit indirectly, change the following the protection of your violin.

Upon making your ultimate decision concerning your violin case, be sure and talk to a specialty music shop professional concerning cleaning and the way the violin case ought to be used.

If you’re just beginning particularly, obtaining each the first-hand understanding regarding your violin situation is vital.

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